30 Minute Missions eEXM GIG-R01 Provedel Type-Rex 01 1:144 Scale Model Kit


30 Minute Missions eEXM GIG-R01 Provedel Type-Rex 01 1:144 Scale Model Kit

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The Earth Allied Forces has released a large-scale EXAMAX, the largest in 30MM history! A powerful scale feeling that boasts a total height of about 7.87"!

Equipped with a transformation gimmick that can be switched between ride-on mode and REX mode. Arm and leg joints have improved holding power due to the pinching structure. It is also possible to create a 3mm axis by fitting the poly cap attached to the separately sold item. In the ride-on form, it is possible to board by connecting the attached newly-shaped backpack and varnish tube to existing items. The attached large weapon can be disassembled and connected to the boarding section.


[Set Contents]:

  • Large weapon x 1
  • Hand parts Flat hand (left and right)
  • Grip hand (left and right)
  • Backpack for boarding aircraft x 1
  • Cover parts for deformation x 1
  • Relay parts for riding x 1
  • Varnish tube x 2
  • Lead wire x 2
  • Multi-joint x 1 formula
  • Sticker x 1


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