Digimon Black Wargreymon Amplified Figure-Rise Standard Model Kit


Digimon Black Wargreymon Amplified Figure-Rise Standard Model Kit

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"Black War Greymon" from "Digimon Adventure 02" is now available as Figure-rise Standard Amplified! Reproduce the ultimate Dark Tower Digimon with silver and gold molding colors and colors based on black. Equipped with an original gimmick on the wings that can be connected to the back. Realized a structure that expands like a wing so that the figure equipped on the back looks more shining. Wing parts can be removed and replaced on the arm. New effect parts are included to recreate the image in the play. [Accessories] Dramon Killer x2, Wing parts set x1, Effect parts x2, Foil seal x1. Look for origin of shipment: Only items shipped from within North America are being sold by authorized U. S. Retailers. The product box will have a Bluefin / Bandai Namco warning label, which is proof that you are purchasing an officially licensed Bandai product, distributed by its sole and authorized distributor (Bluefin ) for the U. S. Markets. This product has been thoroughly tested for safety and meets all North American consumer product safety regulations. The affixed label also entitles the purchaser to product support assistance within the United States.

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